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How to search Companies

Producers and suppliers of these sectors
Associations and institutions
Trade associations, government entities and education centres related to Fishing and Aquaculture.
Who is who in the industry
Main leaders and officers in the Aquaculture and Fishing communities, suppliers and producers and also government officials, trade leaders and members of education institutions which offer careers related to these activities.
You will find updated information on:
Fishing products, landed products, farmed products in their different presentations.
For example: finfish, molluscs, shellfish, echinoderms, others.
Products, equipment and/or services such as: cages, fish feed, engines and many others.



Certified Quality standards, environmental, safety and occupational health certifications.


How to access

Enter www.directorioaqua.com/chile
Step 1: Select your choice of desired information
q Step 2: Begin to search